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Were you at the Religious Liberty Rally?

Here is an article I wrote for OCEANetwork:

Happy New Millennium!

As we prepare for another new year, have you ever wondered how people lived a hundred years ago? Or a thousand years ago? I for one am thankful for warm in winter/cool in summer houses, cars, supermarkets full of food, my own personal cell phone, the internet, travel, and on and on. In a couple of weeks I will travel 3000 miles to Philadelphia in just a few hours. It is amazing we how much technology is transforming the way we live right before our eyes. I used to worry about what troubles would be in the new year. I am now working on being the total opposite. Yes there will be trouble. But the blessings of God are going to so overwhelm us. I am looking forward to God doing great things. He has in the past and He is so faithful that I am going to work on being more faithful this year.

The other day I was thinking about Jesus walking the earth. Exactly two thousand years ago Jesus would be around 18 years old. In about 12 years He would perform His first miracle and begin His earthly ministry. In 15 years the church should prepare for an amazing second millennium passion week memorial. Have you ever thought about that? Two thousand years since Jesus was here. Ever think about the next thousand years? How big will the church be then? I think we live in fear and don’t stand on the promises of God as much as we should. Jesus said disciple the nations. The church is supposed to beat back the gates of Hell. The Lord’s prayer is thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. In a few years it will be two thousand years since Jesus’s ascension. How about another mega memorial? God’s definition of “soon” is not what we have in mind. So I’m looking forward to many more years of earthly ministry the Bride of Christ can be doing here and now. No more looking down for me. I’m looking up and to the future. Yes, troubled times are ahead. But Our God is so much bigger than His enemies.

Happy New Millennium!

~ Matt

The politics of where I live….

Here’s my home town…

Parental Rights Overruled Video

Government Invasion of Your Parental Rights

Stephen Latimer Lionheart Evans

Born healthy at 1:51AM on Sunday, July 24th, 2011

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Camping and Celebration Team Meeting

Camping and Celebration Team Meeting Reminder

Date: Monday, July 18, 2011
Time:  7 PM
Location: RCC Library

Meeting Topics

Upcoming Events:

  • Jubilee (July 29th)
  • Future Women’s Camp (Aug 29 – 31)
  • Future Men’s Camp (Aug 31 – Sept 2)

Preplanning for Events:

  • Reformation Night
  • Christmas Program
  • Winter Arts Festival

Doug Wilson Talks

2011 Emmanuel Family Conference



Every Marriage Matters

Fom Every Marriage Matters, Dr. Steve Stephens:

Somebody once said that those who aim at nothing usually hit it. At Every Marriage Matters we have goals and dreams. We want to hit something. Therefore we have a mission statement of: “Every marriage a healthy marriage”

Marriage is not always easy, but it is worth it. With a little effort everybody can improve their marriage. Here are ten values for your marriage. These are the values that Tami and I are constantly working on. We want to aim at a great marriage.

  1. Commitment: Building a marriage that is total,
    trustworthy and timeless.
  2. Faith: Keeping God in  your marriage creates the best foundation.
  3. Partnership: Reaching out to a positive, pro-marriage community to protect your relationship.
  4. Education: Learning marriage enrichment skills and practicing them daily.
  5. Compassion: Working through difficulties with patience, persistence and problem-solving.
  6. Fun: Enjoying quality time together to really live and laugh.
  7. Encouragement: Sharing positive words, attitudes and experiences every chance you get.
  8. Courage: Standing strong for marriage and against unnecessary divorce.
  9. Growth: Making every year of your marriage better than the last.
  10. Legacy: Leaving an example of a healthy, intact marriage for your children.

Every couple should consider sitting down together and discussing these values. Ask each other which are the most important, which would you like to practice, and how would you start. We all need values. We all need goals. To modify the saying that this article started with: couples who aim at nothing usually fall apart.

A good reminder to keep working on it.

A Confession

My Confession: I’m new to WordPress.

Even though I’ve hosted and managed WordPress for customers for many years, I’m not actually a WordPress user.

Here is what I’d like know: what is your favorite WordPress plugins?

Confederation of Reformed Evangelical Churches

Confederation of Reformed Evangelical Churches.